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Season Two Edit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Part One Edit The Nerd: (sighs) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III... (The tape starts dropping come out. The Nerd manages to stop it from falling out of the VHS cover.) SUCKS SHIT! Not flush fixture shit. Putrid, barfed-out roadkill diarrhoea shit. Now you might be sayin', "Well that's your view." Well yea, IT is. It's my opinion, that it's A motherfuckin' fact, that this pile of dog shit named Ninja Turtles III is the to the highest degree god-awful put down in human being existence! Now, I jazz you've seen vitamin A dish out of bad movies. But, no, let Pine Tree State state you, this movie is BAD. Like, how badness? Like, is it the mop up of the Turtles trilogy? Oh, undeniably, but that's not the point. My aim, is that this is the worst fuckin' movie I've of all time seen in my living! Now, I put up say you from the gay public erection view of a 12-year-previous and axerophthol 26-year-preceding, that information technology inevitably to waste in Hell, In Satan's asshole. Now what I mean by that is I was 12 the first clock I adage the movie, atomic number 49 the theaters in 1993, and I was such a large Turtle winnow, I just unquestioned it. I simply held the Sojourner Truth inside. And, you be intimate it's simply been tearin' away at me all these geezerhood. And now, lookin' back At it, I simply gotta come clean and true, man. I simply gotta allow information technology all come out. This movie... is FUCKIN' TERRIBLE! (punches the videotape )

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